Guidelines for outdoor WiFi coverage?

I’m reviewing one of our outdoor WiFi deployments to see about changing it to Cambium cnPilot.

I am using the “Wi-Fi Designer” tool and have successfully laid out the space and have acceptable coverage (-50 dBm) in the open space with default power settings on E510 radios. However, it is unclear to me what the desired coverage threshold should be, how much to ideally drop the Tx power, or what power overlap is ideal for balanced coverage and roaming. The tool does not have such information that I can see. So, my questions are these:

  • What is the desired signal level to cover an outdoor space?
  • What signal overlap is harmful / too much?
  • Is there a common reduced Tx power setting to help maximize performance with various cnPilot radios?
  • What is the threshold for needing additional APs for handling a larger event?
  • Is there a meaningful way to measure when to consider E700 instead of an E510?

Is there a good resource Cambium provides for identifying such things?

Thank you, Chris