H.323 video over a 900

We are trying to run H.323 video on Tandberg 3000 MXP codecs over a 900 canopy. The connection starts out at 384 up and down but within a minute the video rate starts dropping until it is at 64 within 3-5 minutes.

We have used it successfully with the 5.7 direct LOS andit worked fine. I am hoping there is a setting we have missed. My worst fear is that the 900 non-LOS might be causing the problems during the first hop.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Havn’t used the codec but what are its bandwidth requirements? When you say 384 up and down is this Mbps or frame rate or what? What does a link test show? How do you have the units programmed? Are you running Hardware or software scheduling? What is the downlink data rate set to in the AP?