Handling of Datarates via radius, when over radio speed

I noticed something recently say i have my radius send 20/2 to an SM that happens to not have an unlimited SM, but a 20m sm...

What will happen it appears is that because 20+2 = 22 and >20mb, The AP will override the settings completely and set it to 10/10 or whatever the SM happens to be set to. 

IN all honesty i hope that Cambium will find a nicer way to fallback when this situation happens. maybe take the lower of the 2 numbers, and use that as the standard, and the remaining bandwidth assigned to the other direction. Or allow us to "always preserve uplink radius attribute"

Because theres nothing like a CSR screwing up and giving a 20/2 package to a 20mb radio and customer ending up with 10/10 and saturating the uplink of the AP.

Feel free to correct me if i missed something obvious.


  What I am seeing as I test this is that the ratio is preserved even if the actual speeds cannot be honored.

In this particular case I tried to set the downlink to 2,000,000 kbps and the uplink to 100,000 kbps. (Something my uncapped SM cannot even handle.)


The ratio though is 20:1 (Downlink:Uplink).

And here is what the SM sets its limits to.


123809 / 6191 = 20

The uncapped SM's are limited at 130,000 kbps. If this would have been a 4Mbps SM I would have expected values of 3810 kbps and 190 kbps (Downlink and Uplink respectively)

Can you confirm that you are seeing something different? And/or do you think this is a bad approach?

Wow really that’s perfect I’ll retest maybe I missed something I could swear it had went back to the default rates. From this sm.

If its maintaing the ratio then that’s perfect. I’ll retest it as it was something not ixed during initial rollout and theres also been few upgrades we’ve done since then