Hardware and Software scheduling in the same cluster?

I have a cluster of 6 APs that I plan on switching to hardware scheduling from software scheduling tonight. The problem is only 5 of the 6 APs are Advantage APs with P9 hardware. The other AP is non-Advantage with P8 hardware and if I understand correctly, this AP can not do hardware scheduling. So my question is, can I have a mix of hardware/software scheduling within the same cluster? If so, am I going to run in to any major problems?

Any prompt help would be greatly appreciated as I will be doing this change in about 11 hrs.

Thanks in advance.


You have to use the frame calculator tool to calibrate the send/receive cycles of the APs when you have a mixed cluster. Search the manual for Frame Calculator and you can read all about it: It’s not too tricky.

Don’t do it. You just can’t get the frames to line up right and the whole cluster will suffer.

Jerry is right. the Frame calculator will not work.

You will need to replace the P8 to a newer AP