Hardware mode for backhauls

We were running version 7.3.6 on our backhauls, but experianced trouble because our backhauls are colocated we went to version 7.1.4 but this version doesn’t offer hardware scheduling. My question does the 7.2.9 offer the hardware mode and has anyone had trouble using this version?

Thanks in advance for your help

HW is supported and it works great.

2 ea BH20
11.18 miles
18dB Canopy dish at Master
26dB Grid at Slave
Double Rate enabled
-57dB level

Getting ~7M both ways

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=6ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=8ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=6ms TTL=255
Reply from bytes=32 time=9ms TTL=255

Thank you, Jerry

I agree, if you can take ANY AP or SM to HW scheduling, I would asvise to do so. So much more stable and the throughput is always a +!


we have few BH, 5.2 some p8 and some p9 boards, would switching them to H/S work ?

they are all on 7.1.4


I believe I was told by Canopy tech support a few months ago that enabling hardware scheduling on BH’s makes no difference in throughput and/or latency. I have not looked in awhile, as all of our BH’s are running 6.1, if enabling HW scheduling is even an option for BH’s?

Jerry - you say that you are getting 7 Mbps bi-directional on your 20 Mbps BH link, with hardware scheduling enabled? On our 20 meggers, with the Downlink Data Percentage at 50%, we are also getting 7 Mbps bi-directional, with software scheduling. Latency on pings is also 2 - 5 ms.

I’m just trying to confirm that, if its even an option for BH’s, that it really does not make a difference.

as far as I know the only significant difference is that in HW mode the BH will autonegotiate to half speed if there is interference rather than dropping altogether.

ah, yes, that is correct. forgot about that one.

That is the option I am looking for…

We have 2400BH put into Hardware scheduling after an upgrade from 7.1.x to 7.2.x & 7.3.x .The observations are as follows.

The latency changes to 6 ms when version is 7.2.x & changes to 20 ms when version is 7.3.x , but the links become very stablle , when the hardware scheduling is enabled , in an environment when co-llocation is there.You can keep one of the BH in software & another in H/w scheduling

We have that situation.

Main BH link from the head end to the main tower is P9 HW mode

Link from main tower to second tower is P8 software mode.

both are 7.2.9

So you are saying that your SW P8 BH’s run better with 7.3.6?

We have used the H/w Scheduling for following cases.


36 kms link.This link was rock solid stable for some 8 months & went unstable after that.We upgraded to 7.3.6 with H/w Scheduling & with a latency of 18-20 ms the link is very stable.

Two BackHauls are collocated with both in Single Direction with one serving 11 kms & another one serving 15 kms.

One of the BH is on software scheduling & another one on H/w scheduling.
This allows both link to be stable.The BH receives Clocking from Another BH.

No CMM in any of the links.Also The Link is with 2400BH (10 mbps )

In your case if the Hardware is P8 then you will not be be able to put the links in Hardware scheduling & in that case no need to upgrade from 7.1.x onwards.

Backhauls running in HWS mode have the ability to rate adapt between 10 & 20 Mbps as well as use the CIR feature. These are only available for P9 BH’s.

There is an issue with 7.2.9 colocated BH’s when using SWS. At this time if you have colocated BH’s in the same band then you will need to run in HWS mode if you want to run either 7.2.9 or 7.3.6. There is a product alert out stating this:
http://motorola.canopywireless.com/supp … php?t=1228
You must have P9 radios at both ends to run in HWS mode when using BH’s.

Then is there a problem going to 7.3.6 to get to the hardware mode setting?

The issue still exists in 7.3.6 and will be fixed in a future release.

I really want the autoswitching to work. what are the known flaws if you have colocated backhauls?

:lol: Thanks read the artical

Ok. tried the upgrade. Having trouble with the timing issue since one pair of backhauls have the P-8 boards.

I have a spare set of backhauls that are P-9 but only 10 meg.

If I take out the older set of P-8’s even though they are 20meg and replace them for the newer P-9 10meg
1.Can I run version 7.3.6 and Hardware mode?
2.Then could I run one set at double data rate? or would there still be timming trouble?

Or would they both need to run in single data rate?

The known issue is that colocated BH’s running 7.2.9 & SWS will sometimes experience issues during registration. Once the registration is successful then there is no issue. If you can get vertical separation between the BH’s then you might be able to work without issue.

(Sorry, I said the issue is in HWS, I will correct the earlier post. The issue is when you are using SWS and 7.2.9 or later.)

You must have a P9 on both ends to use HWS on BH’s.

I have one set of P9’s and One set of P8’s running 7.3.6

the set in hardware mode was very choppy on a down load link test was great 100% up and down 12meg down 2.2 meg up. but would not run data.

When I was in 7.2.9 it would not auto negotiate between 10 and 20 meg

What am I doing wrong? or what would you recommend to correct this problem.

7.1.4 runs great at 20 meg 90% of the time it’s that 10% that is hurting me.

i have older backhauls (p7&8), some co-located. currently running 7.2.9 and running great. software scheduling only, due to hardware.

my question is: should i upgrade these to 7.3.x (and beyond) or just leave them at the current version? or is anything available (short of a hardware change) to enable hardware scheduling?