Hardware Scheduling... 900Mhz..

Hi Guys, ok. I really need someones help.

Software scheduling is giving us a really hard time.

We have downgraded our 900Mhz Network to 6.1, and upgrade to HARDWARE Scheduling.

Performance is Finally back to what it should be.

We are now getting 1.7Mb download, and a good 400 - 500k upload.

100% down to 95% Efficiency on both links.

BUT, does anyone know how to reduce the number of Re-Reg’s…

Any suggestion…

We cannot live with SOFTWARE SCHEDULING anymore…

My customers are getting PISSED !

Don’t you mean that HARDWARE scheduling is giving you a hard time?

Paul@MDSWireless wrote:
Hi Guys, ok. I really need someones help.

This is not making sense to me. I am running 23 subs on an AP with 7.1.4 and software scheduling. My customers DL's are in the 1.2 MBit/Sec range and uploads are in the 380-400 KBit/Sec range. I am set 70% DL and 5% high priority.

What kind of RSSI are you seeing on these problematic links? What kind of jitter are you seeing?

Ok, we are experiencing it on a vast majority of our Canopy network.

Yes, i do mean Hardware Scheduling.

RSSI is consistantly above 1400 and 1500 on all links.

Jitter is always 4 or lower.

We don’t let any link go higher then a jitter of 4 because it causes other issues.

With respect to the %ages…

we have it set to 75% download, and 0 High Priority.

Question. If i set the AP to 5% for High Priority, do we have to change anything on the SM’s to utilize that High Priority channel?

If you’re using HW scheduling and getting these problems, refere to the giant thread on this page. You can’t miss it. :shock:


thanks. i will review the thread.