Hardware version from PCB?

I have some dead SMs with worn off stickers - is there a way to determine hardware version (P8/9/10/etc) from the PCB? I only see the frequency.

If PCB contains MPC processor chip, then it’s P8/P9 else it’s P10.
MPC855T is P8

Great information! I was finally able to sort out more than a hundred dead modules today.

Thank you very much!


We support P8/P9/P10 upto 13.4.1. which is a latest release and support lots of new feature and bugfixes.

You may wish to upgrade your SMs , if you can bring them live.

BTW, why are they dead, what problem are you facing when you insert power supply ?

Unfortunately they were all found "dead" before I began my present job. Most of them say things like "will not talk", "does not see AP" and "will not boot". I've found many have broken RJ45 ports, broken shells and various other physical damage. However I would love to bring some live if I could.