Harsh Environment!

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to show you all the shape of my sectors after 2 years near the ocean. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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So which antenna is this? How well/poor is it working after all that corrosion?

It is a Cambium 90/120 epmp sector. We found out after spoting channel imbalance on all the clients. after replacing it every one improved in more than 10 db.


Unfortunately an electrochemical reaction occurs under such conditions.
There are electrochemical protections of the cathode or anode depending on what would be applicable to the antennas in such an environment and what the manufacturers can do.
Electrochemical naive protections keep metal ships very well for years.
That protection does a great job.
As for the antenna, it should have a different voltage potential compared to the ground. The reaction would slow down drastically.
Again, separating the antenna from the ground causes a possible lightning incident.

Very interesting feedback! Thank you, @dimas_j_perez !
Which part of the world is it? Is there significant weather changes during the year?

hmmm saltwater air, continuous electric field on an exposed metal surface, what could go wrong! I mean its the basis for electro-plating where metal is moved from one surface to another in a β€˜salt’ bath.
I lived in Vancouver, BC for over 20yrs, if your antennas had any exposed metal that was part of the RF circuit (usually all of the exposed metal including back planes and mounting hardware) then they would rot away within a year or two.
You need to seal your antennas with a good epoxy to prevent any exposed surfaces. Yes you will loose a couple dB of sensitivity but that is a small price to pay for an antenna that will last!

Hi Andri.
We are in Sydney, AU. It seems the bottom cap on the antenna is not properly sealed. This is the second antenna like this and we have another one which is still up on the building. They all are getting corroded from bottom up.