Has anyone used the Advantage 2.4 cyclone 360 degree

I am looking at a new area with little noise on 2.4 and it would be very economicial to use a omni. I was wondering what distance they work. I get 14 miles easy on the 120 degree cyclones

I guess no one has used one, I will report back on how it works and the distance we can get.

We have two cyclone advantage 360.
10 clients are at 12miles and they have an average of -65dbm to -70dbm

Works very good.

I have 3 cyclones of the 2.4 nature, and absolutely love them. I do have a few customers at great distances. One is 28miles according to the SM and working good. about half of my 50 customers off my one tower are between 12 and 20 miles, and working great.

This is sitting on a tower about 250feet up and there is another cyclone at about 300 feet on the competitions tower about 800 feet away. Both are working just fine. We talk lots to try and not cause interfernce issues with each other.

Fight over customers not spectrum.

28 miles Wow, that is Great, Is that with a regular moto reflector? If I can get half that I will be very happy… Thanks, I have been very reluctant to use a 360

Sorry for the delay, yes that is with a standard moto reflector.