Have you noticed?

Moto’s been around a little more these days.

Tech Support, and someone from Software Development are both helping out - very cool.

yes i have noticed and i am proud they are now just give us some insight on the future of the canopy platform.

A little bird told me not to worry - it’s not going anywhere. Canopy is important to Motorola.

mm… I noticed it from the Day after the thread went missing… or the Day Jerry started the other thread on his thoughts on the Canopy…

but it is definately good to see the guys about… and also reassuring to hear that Canopy is important for Moto…


I have only a few times! So were are they now?

It occured to me that when I was doing tech support for Dialysis machines, every call’s problem and solution was logged. That information was distilled and went to engineering, production, and marketing for review and implementation into the line.

For example if we started getting alot of calls for pressure problems, and the solution kept coming up that a defective valve was the cuplrit, we would be able to fix the problem with the machines that were on the production line and all machines moving forward. Without the information culled from the tech support calls, it might have taken longer to identify the problem and more defective machines would have left the plant.

So, it stands to reason that if solutions to problems were handled here rather than by the system they use for that purpose, it would distill the information and they would not get as accurate of an analysis. This may be why they want all formal Moto tech support calls be in the form of an email or a phone call.

Something to think about.

They could easily pull the information from here…

I’m sure the forum gets more posts then they get emails and phone calls.

so if they wanted to get more info they should concentrate on the forum, as for most long term users, the forum is the first place for a solution.