Having a tough time upgrading with CNUT

CNUT  version 4.6.9

EPMPs set with https and non default snmp community (received HTTP(s) Server is not running error

All EPMPs to be upgraded are successfully refreshed and rediscovered in CNUT.

epmp-2.3.pkg3 is the only package selected in CNUT.

When I try to upgrade the selected rediscovered elements I still get the HTTP(s) Server is not running error.

Any thoughts?

The HTTP(S) error is referring to CNUT’s internal HTTP(S) server, not the devices’.

Please check that the CNUT HTTP(S) server is running.  During start-up of CNUT there will be an alert and something logged in the bottom half if the web server cannot start.


11/06/14 14:37:35 SEVERE            Failed to start Http server, Addresss: http://fe80:0:0:0:4d80:6bb4:84cb:77a%11 on port:80 already in use.

If the HTTP or HTTPS server is started, you should ensure that it is running correctly using the drop down menu Update -> Http Server Configure.  The server should be started.  Additional options are available in this screen.


I'm still having a tough time getting CNUT to upgrade.  CNUT states it's transmitting the file but fails the upgrade.  I have the https server running and all credentials seem to be in order.  Any thoughts?

11/23/14 03:07:30 INFO Host:;ESN: 000456C52FF8;Message: ActiveVersion: 2.1 CurrentVersion: 2.1 (SITE= CambiumNetworks)
11/23/14 03:07:30 WARN Host:;ESN: 000456C52FF8;Message: Failed to upgrade device to 2.3 (SITE= CambiumNetworks)
11/23/14 03:07:30 INFO Node: Update Completed.

Ok I figured out I had to add port 443 to the firewall.  Learn something new every day.  Thank you