Having issues with cnPilot e430H AP


I have an issue with an AP currently. So, I believe it may have been the cable which was causing the intermittent connectivity, however now my AP isn’t working in terms of accessing the internet.

There was an upgrade in progress before it d/c, and that may be the issue as to why it isn’t working. The AP does power on, and does broadcast the SSID, and I’m able to connect to it. However it isn’t giving me internet access.

I pinged that specific IP on the management LAN, and I’m not getting anything on it. However, the port shows a green light, and a POE light as if the AP is functioning correctly.

Any ideas what this could be? I may revisit the cable again, but could that upgrade may have messed the AP up?


Hi @Kristopher_Sales,

Are you able to ping the default IP? If it still broadcasts the SSID it doesn’t sound like it went to factory defaults but it’s worth a try.

Hey @Jordan

Yeah I tried pinging the IP for that AP, and couldn’t get anything for some strange reason.

Would you recommend I restore it to factory default?


Only if there is power shutdown during firmware flash, its possible that we can see such issue.

If it is just a disconnection from cnMaestro, upgrade will be initiated on device only when firmware file is downloaded completely on AP.

Please confirm what is meant by disconnection in your case.