Having issues with CNS

Have only been able to discover our 2 AP's and 1 CPE. what am I missing? Does CNS not cover PMP 450's


Basically CNS server was designed for ePMP radios not for PMP radios. For PMP radios, we need either CNUT or Wireless Manager application.

This applications are available from our support web site.

URL: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/


Kumaran K

Anyone have problems with the "new" cnsserver- linux release?

When I try to click on the monitor or discover menu, it says loadgin service, but nothing happend...

upgrade / configure / admin menus are working well.

I could not see any related error on the logs directory..


Hi Robert,

This might be browser cache issue. Please try after clearing browser cache.

Also we have release Hotfix for CNS Server MAP issue. You can download it from cambium site, apply this hotfix on your current CNS version and then try to load all the tabs.