Having to use Reflectors on 2.4 with good jitter and signal

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed they have to use reflectors much more often on the 2.4 Canopy as compared to the 5.7 canopy. Both are in areas where noise is not great but probably almost identical on both 2.4 and 5.8.

We use the 120-14 Cyclone on both 2.4 and 5.7. With the 5.7 we can go about 3.5 miles or more no problem without reflector and never ever have even a blink in the connection. With 2.4 we might get really high signal but we won’t see 3.5 miles without a reflector. The 5.7 is rated at up to 5 miles no reflector and the 2.4 I believe is up to 8 miles without reflector.
Even with more use of the 2.4 spectrum I would expect somewhat better results without reflectors. I know the same area can support a 2.4 Wifi system on an omni (HPOL) without issue or problem.

You are having much better luck than us, that’s for sure! We are using 5.7 and we have to basically put reflectors on everything over 1.5-2 miles! Without them, we rarely get a RSSI higher than 900…