headphone not working on 8.2.4

I just purchased 25 new 2400smdd subscriber modules. Upon making a few installations with one of these units, I found that we hear no alignment tone in the headset. Is this due to the version of firmware, or due to the P10 hardware? It’s a pain to do installs without alignment tools! Any idea as to what’s up here? The other issue with these SMs is that I can’t manage them using snmp through the APs. My APs are still on 7.3.6, hardware of course. I realize I need to move up to 9.x, but 7.3.6 just has worked well and I hate to mess with success! I know moving APs to 9.x would have no effest on the headset alignment working because unlike the older 8.1 P10 SMs and 7.3.6 P9 SMs, there isn’t any tone from the 2400smdd even at idle.

The tones have changed slightly from version to version, but I do not know of 8.2.4 NOT having it. We didn’t have any troubles anyway.

Have you verified that your tone cable and headphones are not damaged? We go through a pair of headphones every few months.

The headphones are fine. I can move them between modules and they work on all other modules except these 25. Again, these 25 modules are P10 ver 8.2_4. I just hate this version of firmware and just can’t imagine that Motorola has any builds that wouldn’t allow the use of the headphones.

I will be upgrading, or downgrading depending upon the upgrade response very soon.

Thanks for the input!