Hello to all & I could use some Prizm recommendations

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Hello to all & I could use some Prizm recommendations

Hello to all. I would like to allow myself to introduce… myself. I’m an IT person that got trust into running a Canopy WISP network. I thought it would be a great challenge. It has been quite a challenge at times. I’ve been working at it for over five months. I did no formal training just trial by fire. I’m sure there are many like that out there. I am running about four 900 clusters and three 2.4 clusters, one remote AP and various backhauls, CMM’s, in addition to the Network infrastructure (router, switches, etc). We are still in early stages and have less than one hundred customers. We have lots of pine trees to fight and occasional interference. I have been reading over the Forum for several days and hope to get plenty new ideas. I understand many of you out there are running long standing large networks. So be patient with me as I learn. Also if I goof up in the forum please let me know.
Now on to my first questions… I am currently in the process of loading my first Prizm server and have several questions and would in general like some opinions, recommendations, and guidance.
Background: I am running two Dell poweredge 800 series Servers with RH Linux ver4. I have already loaded the License manager, and Postgresql database. My next step is loading Prizm. We have a plan to integrate with Redopi for billing. That decision was made prior to me getting the job and I think was due to the rest of the ISP running it. I really need a way to monitor AP’s BH’s & SM’s. At some point we plan to have routers subnetting off the class C’s we have and VLAN’ed back to our trunk.
1. Before I load Prizm, does anyone have recommendations or comments on the database to use for Prizm? I chose the Postgresql just because it came packaged with Linux.
2. Is there any guidance or opinions on to implement the Prizm? I want to get it right the first time and not have to come back to it.
3. Is Prizm the only Management/monitoring software I will need?
4. The Canopy/ Prizm manual of course are not perfect as I have found. Are there any steps not documented and recommended I should take in this process to get a top running Prizm server?
5. Does anyone know of any detailed training on Prizm & Canopy?
6. Is there any consultants (guns for hire) out there to work with?

The fact is, I am the go to man here for Canopy and I am swamped with work. I’m new on the block and I’m no superman.

Off the Prizm subject.
I noticed the Software version 8.1 is out now. I started to load it and ran into a road block. I upgraded from version 7.14 to 7.3.6. After talking to the tech support I was told that was a no no. I’ve not had problems but plan to back grade that SM then step it properly to 7.2. I went back and read the release notes also….But that got me thinking that other people working with me have upgraded other SM’s, AP’s etc and I don’t know if the proper upgrade path was followed.
7. Does anyone know of a way to verify which or if the correct upgrade path was taken?

Well… It’s late on Friday and I have to feed my face some time. So I’ll say that’s all for now and thank you for any help in advanced.