Not really sure, I bought and had installed A motorola canopy system (900mhz) from http://www.xplornet.com/e/index_e.asp I just have some questions for you guys. My downloads start out great at 140kb but then drop down to 30kb, any reason for this? What do jitters and other things have to do with my connection? How do I se how many jittters I have? How does bittorrent work with this system. Thanks for answering my questions.

OK… also my games do not work, when try to connect to servers or just see the list of them they do not show up, a reply from xplornet says this " As for the game servers have you looked into getting a static/routable ip address? This will allow you to play your games." anyone?

“Jitter” is a measurement of how stable your connection is from your 900Mhz radio to your Access Point. You can view you jitter level on the “Status” page of your SM’s interface. An acceptable level is anything under 4 or 5. Also, check your RSSI level on the same page-- make sure it is at least 1350.

As for those d/l speeds, I have some questions:

- what kind of antenna are you using? Is it a flat panel?
- what version of the software are you using?
- what kind of ping rates are you getting? This will definitely affect your ability to game
- as for getting a static IP address, you need to check with your ISP. Some ISP’s charge extra for static IP’s. A static IP can be helpful if you want to game as well, but you need to check to see if your ISP will support this
- One more thing: in your SM’s interface page, go to “expanded stats” and use the spectrum analyzer to see if you have any interference in your area… this would affect your speeds and your connection. There is another thread about the SA on the front page of this forum.

Antenna is flat panel, I cannot see what my ping is, and how do I access my “Status” page. I’m not using any software.