Help about PTP 800

Please i wanna know what is the maximal distance of a PTP 800 working at 7Ghz frequency, with ODU-A, 2Ft HP antenna (30dB of gain) and just 10Mbit of bandwidth in a LOS link because Linkplanner makes the link possible for more than 92Km and i think that it’s not real.

Hi Chany

LINKPlanner is very accurate, as long as all the inputs are correct!

I have just had a look at a 100km link planned in the UK - which has perfect Line of Sight - using 7GHz and a 2Ft antenna as you suggest.

LINKPlanner gives a summary as
Aggregate IP throughput - 248.89 (With full capacity licence)
Lowest Mode Availability - 99.5857%

So - This is telling you that the link will operate, but there will be outages for 0.4143% of the year - which works out to be 1.5days a year

The radio does have adaptive modulation, so it will change modulation, and throughput, to adjust to the conditions. There is a detailed graph and table which shows the percentage of time spent in each modulation mode.

So - with that level of outage, you may decide that you with to increase the antenna size to improve availability over that distance. A 4ft antenna improves availability to 99.97%

I hope that helps


(ps - My calcs are based on a UK location - your results will vary depending on your local conditions, that LINKPlanner will automatically use)