Help am facing high interferences on my canopies onthe mast.

Hi Guys, Am new in here but i really need yo help.
Am having 3 APs of 5.7GHz and 1 BH of 5.2GHz on a mast of 150m. The mast also has equipments for radio stations, TV station and some telco companies though not canopy equipment.

Now my problem is INTERFERENCE that causes continuous time outs and high latency ranging btn 100ms -300ms and packet loss of 45% +.

I have so far used CAT6e STP cables, fairly earthed and also have tried to distance myself from these other company equipments for about 2m up and down but still face interference.

Now whenever any company on that mast adds or moves an inch near my equipments i have only one solution of moving my equipment further down which is affecting my coverage. Mind you am supposed to be at height of 100m on the mast but now i hav dropped to 90m which is really really killing me.

Is there anything I can do to:

1: Eliminate intereference for good ?

2: Maintain my position atleast on 90m.

3. Strengthen my signal to the clients?

4: Lower latency and packet loss.

Help please :cry:

How are you syncing?

I would also run a quick spectrum analysis on each freq range just to see exactly what freqs the interference was coming in on and then try to adjust around if possible.

Hey how would i do that spectrum analysis on the APs to find which freq is causing issues?

Kindly let me know how i can do that on my 3 APs i have on the mast and 1 BH.
Thanks guys i really appreciate


to run the spectrum on the ap, go in and set the ap to be a sm. Once that is done you can go under tools and run the spectrum analyzer…be sure and set it back to ap mode once you are done…

Based on your other post I suspect interference.

I also suspect that you have not read the available Planning Guide, or Canopy Operators Manual which would explain to you how to properly design, install, and troubleshoot a Canopy network. … 8923a650d5 … 736a196890 … ef0a653390

Once you have read these documents I suspect that you will have a much better grasp on what is happening in your network.

It’s very difficult to assist someone in troubleshooting a Canopy network without them first knowing the basics like how to use the spectrum analyzer, the significance of sync, etc.


If what you’re seeing is purely latency, as opposed to Subscriber Modules uniformly running high re-registration counts in the AP Sessions page, try turning the link speed down on the Ethernet interface of each AP.

Turn it down to 10Full or even 10Half if need be. It sucks to do that unless you absolutely have to, but alot of high-powered stuff near your ethernet runs can make it mandatory, in my experience.

It might put a slight crimp in your throughput, especially if you have to settle for Half Duplex, but it should take care of the latency until (and if) you can come up with a Plan B.

Certainly, don’t discount the advice about checking the spectrum, but unless it’s other wireless broadband equipment sharing your tower, I would think the problem is a powerful device (FM radio antenna?) in close proximity to your ethernet cables.


About the link negotiation of the ethernet, actually mine on all APs is 10Half duplex.

On the mast, there is no any other broadband equipment. I however agree with you that the powerful devices on the mast might be causing me issues.
cos whenever they move them closure or add any new ones on the mast i certainly gt issues.

So is there anything i can use to eliminate the interference, could things like filters help? or are there any STP cables one can use to apart from the normal STP cat6e to work on the mast?

there are many things this might cause latency, but then as Jerry suggested u better off if u do little reading.

I would suggest you test your link to the tower, and if thats ok go on and turn 2 other ap off and test on the remaining ap, do a spectrum scan on both ap and sm.

you might need to build some clamps so that u can mount the ap little further from the tower.

it might give some clues on where your problem is.

On this mast one of the APs had that freq that was having alot of interference. I worked on it by changing my freq.

For the interference from other devices?
I lowered my APs by 5m from the other equipment and also had agreement by the mast care takers to not allow anyone within 10m up and down of my equipment.

So far am having some sleeps at night. I hav not experienced any high latency since then.

cheers guys :smiley: