Help and suggestions on triple play.

Hi everyone,

I am a systems engineer working for a private firm.

I have a customer who is interesting in providing triple play services to a remote area in Greece.

He wants to start a pilot involving a 5.4GHz AP Adv Cluster and around 170 SM Adv per AP which will give him around 1020 subscribers.

Does anyone of you know if you can deliver IPTV through canopy whith the above mentioned configuration.

My wild guess is that this is not possible mainly because IPTV with MPEG2 encoding requieres around 4Mbit of bandwidth per subscriber.

I am really interested in knowing what you think on this or if anyone knows how the delviery of Triple play can be achieved with Canopy.



I considered the same options in a rural implementation and decided it was not really feasible with Canopy. (the bandwidth needs are too great)

Maybe WiMax from Redline or Alvarion would give you enough bandwidth to do 3-play via wireless…

We are actually doing the samething, unless we use mp4. Guys at IT planning said, in maximum services subscribtion, one AP only able to serve 30 SM. :?

how many channels ?

12 channels, I think. I kind of worried 'bout this interference things on Canopy OFDM… it’s effects to bandwidth really frustating…

12 channels to 170 SM’s… can’t see that happening…

I don’t think Canopy is the correct platform for this, you need a multicast based wireless system for this…

you guys got any suggestion on a specific platform to do this?

WiMax, WiMax, WiMax.

Triple play on anything other than a licensed wide bandwidth high power platform is doomed to failure.

I agree with Jerry,

well, we made the wrong decision then… :?

mmm… I would risk disagreeing with you on that one Jerry, being in a licensed band is always a plus… (I am no expert in this, just did a little reading as we may get into this, if we get a license)

however the problem with cable is the bandwidth it sucks up, hence if you have a 1000 people trying to watch one channel then under normal IP distribuiton its 1000xchannel bandwidth.

What you need to do is look at a multicast based system to do this, and wireless technology designed to operate in line with multicast.

insan_katob look into MMDS (multi channel distribution systems) or commonly known as wireless cable

Maybe this will help:

Unlicensed MMDS does not have enough bandwidth. While LMDS would work now, it’s severely limited by distance issues.

wiMAX will offer enough bandwidth, and deal with distance but wil be very $$$ to deploy. AP’s will be in the 10th of thousands but CPE will be low cost.

ahh… I didn’t realise they were overlapping the MMDS spectrum and wimax… I thought MMDS was around 2.1GHz

but as you quite rightly pointed out… the problem is availability/restriction of bandwidth.

wimax is promising 63MB to the end customer… how long and when… we will have to wait and see…

Ok Im not sure but I just think you guys might all be thinking the wrong way. I just sat down with the local cable company who are great friends of mine and we hashed out tons of situations, now this is just my idea so anyone chime in and correct me if Im wrong.

First point in question is that telcos accross the world are already doing it with ADSL connnections which at the most can be 10Mbps connection. This is because when it all comes down to it its a telephone line which consists of 2 strands of copper.

You do not need to broadcast 12 channels at once, you are all think to much like cable and satellite companies, they have to I dont think we would. It would be a TV on demand concept. If you take a quick look on the internet there are hordes of companies that are working on IPTV constantly, Motorola being a big player. is a site with a few intersting details on this. Now maybe I have a big advantage having a cable company at my head end in that they are my backbone provider. They have alot of the know how when it comes to Televsion and so far the issue that looks like the biggest hurdle is digital rights and CRTC rules.

Ill do an update later.

regardless if it will work or not with QOS and other options turned on you will not get 170sm’s per AP.

even just 1 channel of MPEG4 to 12 customers at a bitrate of 1024Kbit/s will suck up 12.29Mbps

better hope those 12 customers are at diffarant sites.

Agreed the biggest bottle neck is the AP and I hope Motorola with the new P10 boards are able to increse this somewhat. I know that 170 SM’s is out of the question but even if a few people are able to. Im going to keep checking into it.