HELP! AP and SM 1 reloaded once every 11 hours

Good day!

We have a problem after upgrading from version 11.1 to 12.1, AP and SM we have a problem, AP and SM 1 reloaded once every 11 hours. Update to version 13.2 does not solve the problem, fell back to 11.2 version of the problem was not solved. Think go back to version 11.1.

Prompt what are ways to solve this problem?


We would need some more details on how your radios are configured to see why your radios are reloading/rebooting every 11 hours. Can you provide the Event logs of both the AP and SM that are having the problem?

If you can download CNUT. (See ) and gather what we call a CNUT capture and send it to support we might be able to review your configuration and give some recommendations.

You can contact our support center via phone :
Or submit a online web-form at :
for someone to review your CNUT capture.