Help-me Ap Advantage and clients SM advantage -thoruputh

All, ! Help-me I buy a 2 AP Advantage and 4 SM Advantage.

My distance : 100M
2 Laptops with nobreak for Canopys
and Qcheck software.

Help !!! my link did not pass of 1MB thouputh.

What I do???

I need 10mb in minimal.

it should do close to 10 meg, it will not do 10 meg up and 10 meg down at the same time.

in 2x mode I believe you have 14 meg you can splitt how ever you want 10down 4up or visa-vera.

1meg. You have it programmed wrong or a lot of interference.

Clueless, interference is no, because I test my indoor.
Which is basic program?? for test??