Help me error Cambium e410

Help error firmware update 4.1.1-r5 for Cambium E410. When the update is complete, reboot the amber light does not turn green, pressing the reset button has no effect, performed recovery according to the instructions to turn off and on 9 times each time 15 seconds on, 5 seconds off. However, still not running the backup partition. Can anyone help with this Cambium e410. Sincerely thank!

Sorry for inconvenience caused.

What was initial build before your triggered upgrade to 4.1.1-r5.

before upgrading to version 4.1.1-r5 is version 3.11.3-r7

could you please confirm if you are able to ping it irrespective of LED state.

  • is PING continuous or is there a pattern of time period where it is successful.

Before not updating to version 4.1.1-r5 everything went normally.
After updating to version 4.1.1-r5 I can’t ping the device

Do I remember correctly or you must upgrade to 4.0 and then to 4.1?

Our system consists of 26 cambium devices, including 6 cambium e600 devices and 20 e410 devices, all e410 devices have been updated from version 3.11.3-r7 to version 4.1. -r5 all went well. However, there is only 1 faulty device as described above, so updating each version as the company said will affect the error generation.

If it is possible to take one small video of the AP when the device is powering up ?
If so can you please take one video and share it to my email id, that will help us to identify whether the device went to faulty or device is rebooting continuously.
Note : Please record the video around 60-70sec

Sent but the inbox says “Recipient’s Inbox is full”

I guess file size will be the problem, can you please share me via drop box.

Thank you for sending the device supplier to take care of this problem