Help needed with epmp 2000 and 1000

Hi guys. i have 2 sectors epmp 2000 on a mast. 12 clients connected to sec 1 and 6 to sec 2. 4 out of the 6 on sec 2 keep dissociating with the BS. the other 2 are ok. signal is good on all the 4 cpes but the radios keep rebooting or losing association every 10min. meaning the client has net for 10min then its gone then its back and so on and so forth. kindly assist

Pin point you customers  in a small map and show me, there might be noise in that one area.

You should check the frequency.Use the spectrum analyzer to get the clear channel. :-D

@zaw thet wrote:

You should check the frequency.Use the spectrum analyzer to get the clear channel. :-D

Yes, but he'd need to drive to all the customer's houses in order to run a Spectrum Analyzer from there.  :(  Since there's no way to have the SM disconnect, do it's SA, and then reconnect to display the results - it means a dozen truck rolls in order to check a dozen clients' locations for the clearest channel.

i used the spectrum analyser a few days back but that dint help. theres no interference. even changed the channel width but that dint help either. all customers are within 4km radius. The association between the radio and sector is not lost , however you cant reach the radio all the time, as in log in to it or ping it. meaning for 10min you can ping the radio, then the next 10 you cant. ive attached the graph.cacti_3509.png

Hi. During the period where you can’t communicate with the SM, have you tried Deregistering one of them from the AP, letting it re-associate, a d seeing if you can communicate with it when it re-associates?

Hi , I tried that and after deregistering the radio comes back online and is reachable but the problem recoccurs after a while again.

is it possible that the problem could have started when we installed 2 radios on one pole connecting to the same BS one foot apart in height?

That is common whenever noise bradcast is intense in relation to the direction of the sm. Please try to re-run the auto channel selection befor the spectrum is done on the AP. Add alternative frequencies and try to lock those sm's with severe noise to those frequencies other than the main one. Hope you are operating in the Band of 20MHz.

You dont need to run spectrum for all sm's in PMP because they depend mainly on the AP's configs.

Through the wireless monitor, this could give you the right sense of the noise present.