Hi guys, please i have a problem. We are deploying cnPilot routers on our network to enable us monitor customer activities with cnMaestro, so we cofigured our SM (ePMP1000) Radios as bridge to enable the cnPilot perform DHCP for the LAN. PPOE settings that were on the SM had to be brought to the cnPilot router. The issue is that the cnPilot is not picking the right PPOE service unlike the SM does. It keeps getting the default PPOE service on our Mikrotik routerboard and not the PPOE service account i configured on it.


We will look into thsi issue and get back soon ... 

Hi jahstech1,


Wanted to let you know that based on your detailed post and provided pictures, we have now been able to reproduce the issue that you've identified with PPPoE operation on the R200.  It appears to not be including the PPPoE Service Name when first establishing a PPPoE session with the server.   The R200 development team are now aware of the issue and will be working on a fix.    Will let you know when to expect this fix as soon as we know a date.   I wouldn’t expect it to be long.


Thanks for taking the time to provide the detailed feedback!!!






Thanks for your valuable feedback.

We have fixed PPPoE service Name issue and this fix will be available  in our upcoming release.I will update you once firmware is available on support site.

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