Hi guys, please has anyone configured the cnPilot as the DHCP server? Please how do you get internet across to it from an ePMP 1000 without having to enable the DHCP server on the ePMP 1000 SM?  I want all details to be captured on the cnMaestro and this can't be done if the SM is the DHCP server.

One option is: 

Create an SVI/VLAN interface and assign IP address  to it and enable NAT on it as well.  Then configure  DHCP server pool and bind it to the newly created interface using network field (network subnet should be same as network id of interface IP). On the wireless WLAN assign VLAN same as newly created interface VLAN. 

Thanks, but i don't think the cnPilot has the settings you just mentioned. I have a screen shot below.

MORE DETAILS: The LAN Interface of my SM is and if i configure the SM as DHCP it gives IP addresses in the class of 192.168.10.xx. But if i disable dhcp on my SM, i can still get to it with the LAN Interface IP i configured and it pulls up the internet IP it is supposed to pull up which is in the class of 41.79.xx.xx. I have screen shot of the settings of the cnPilot below.

Sorry...I thought you have ePMP 1000 Hotspot.

OK, thanks i think that idea would also be very useful because i have to configure 1 ePMP hotspot in the coming weeks

You can switch the SM to bridge mode and keep the cnPilot's WAN settings as DHCP. Assuming there is a DHCP server on the WAN offering IP addresses in the range the cnPilot will get an IP address from it in that range.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep the SM in NAT mode with a LAN IP address, but not run the DHCP server on it, you will need to switch the cnPilot's WAN configuration to static mode and give it an IP address in the same subnet as the SM. You will also need to configure its gateway to point to the SM. See the attached screenshot

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