Help to Improve that Scenario

In attachemnt you can find actual 3 Sector Scenario. 

I ask you how can improve configuration of AP if needed.

Thank you.

It doesn’t appear that you are frequency reusing. In this case, I would recommend setting it to Flexible ratio and let the radio dynamically choose the ratio to maximize efficiency.

You could also increase the Subscriber Module Target Recieve Level from -60 to - 55 to give you a little more margin over noise/interference.


If I would use frequency reusing, what change I would do to configuration of 3 AP's ?

I have switched to flexible and the total bandwidth is almost doubled. Incredible !

What I need to do, if I would like to use Frequency Reusing ?

More, if using Frequency Reusing on some AP I will detect that frequency in that direction is saturated, what I would need to do ?

For eample into my case ABC AP, C set to front and B set to back, while A set to other frequency. If B into the same frequency of C is satured on its side, what I could do ?

Based on the orientation of your 3 sectors, I dont recommend frequency reusing. Frequency reuse between two APs works best when they are 180 degrees from each other. In your scenarion no two APs are 180 degress from each other. 



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