Help trying to install Ethereal

HI Guys,

I know its not a canopy issues, but I am trying to install ethereal to use with the canopy infrastructure.

I am trying to install it on FC3.

I try to install ethereal-gtk-net-snmp-0.10.0a-1.RH9.i3 but it tells me I need to first install

so I try to install teh libpcap version they ask for but I already have llib…8.3 installed.

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Whenever you are installing RPMs and the dependency doesn’t work out, you can do the following:

rpm -i --force --nodeps blah.rpm

This will install the RPM regardless of dependencies. If the dependencies aren’t there, or they are older than what the application requires then the application may not work.

If you are upgrading an RPM (the application requires a newer version of a library, and you already have an older version of that library), you must use rpm -U instead. This will let RPM realize that there is an older package and that it’s ok to go ahead and install it anyway.

I’m not sure exactly what your saying in this line:
“so I try to install teh libpcap version they ask for but I already have llib…8.3 installed.” You have version 8.3 of what libary?

You need to install ethereal-base first because that is the main program. The ethereal-GTK RPM is just the GUI portion of ethereal to work with GTK (Gnome, etc).

If you have a newer version of libpcap than the one the RPM is asking for, you can feel relatively safe that the application (ethereal) will work with the new libpcap. In that case, do what I mentioned above:

rpm -i --nodeps --force ethereal-base-0.10.0a-1.RH9.i386.rpm

That should work with no problems…

If you are still stuck with RPM dependencies (I dislike RPM), you can be a man (heh) and install from source:

Download: … 0.9.tar.gz

tar -xvfh ethereal-0.10.9.tar.gz
cd ethereal-0.10.9
./configure --prefix=/usr (maybe not necessary)
make ; make install


If you have any questions, ask and ye shall receive.

Hi Pete,

I had already tried to force the installation but at run time I would get the error that there was no libpcap…0.6, anyway I took your advice of brave words and installed from source…

but had the same problem saying libpcap…0.6 not installed so cant run.

What i was trying to say was that I had libpcab…0.8 a later version already installed and as you mentioned I should not have had anyproblems…

Anyway I then did a force installation on libpcap…0.6 and now everything seems to be working…

I just have a question, I know have

[root@www tools]# rpm -qa | grep libpcap

I hope this not effect the libpcap0.8 or any package trying to use libp0.8
What about other packages that look for Libpcap0.6 but were happy to install using libpcap0.8 would they now start to use libpcab0.6 or will they always use the later version.

Got a bit of cleaning up to do… i got about 15 rpm/gz/tar… all fun and games i guess

Eitherway I’m happy now, gonna spend some time learning the application… Once again thanks for your help.


Uhmmm, forgive me for being simplistic… but Ethereal comes on the FC3 CDs. If you didn’t install it when you installed Fedora, just pop the disc back in.

Or there’s always

# yum install ethereal


ur a life saver… i compiled this damn thing… hacked it to bits and manged to get it to install but when i fired up the gui each time I clicked on anything it crashed on me…

so i had given up on the damn thing…

ill now try the CD…

Thanks mate…