Help upgrading non P9 board from 4.2.2 to

I have never upgraded a non P9 Canopy module but need to. We have a 900APC with V4.2.2 that needs to be upgraded to run HW Scheduling and be current with the rest of the system. From what I have read, I need to get an older version software and use FTP,Telnet,Dos,etc to upgrade using command lines. is this correct? Can I make one upgrade this way, and then the next using CNUT2.2 to Can someone explain to me the proper steps that need to be taken to complete this task? Thank you in advance.

From a previous post:

I went from a 6.x to 8.1.5 without any steps in between. I also upgraded a hardware version 7 board (from 4.x)to the 8.1.5 without any problems. (which BTW Motorola says doesn’t work)

I did read that previous post, just wish I knew how he did it success. When this 4.4.2 AP is seleceted in CNUT2.2 to be upgraded, an error message of “Can not determine device scheduler information” shows up.


I was able to update from the 4.4.2 directly to 7.0.7 using CNUT2.2 and then once changing the AP from SW to HW go to :smiley:

I don’t believe anything below an Advantage (P9) AP can run Hardware scheduling. You turn the AP into an SM and run hardware scheduling. But It won’t work as an AP

If I remeber correctly, all 900 are Advantage.
I have a 4 year old 900 AP that was at 4.1.xx and when I came up to 7.2.3 it allowed HWS.

Oddly we were able to change one of our 4.2.2 900APs to 7.0.7 then to but the other 900AP we have (our two oldest ones) that is on 4.2.2 could not be updated (remotely). I have yet to try it directly from the machine with CNUT on it, as I swapped out the one that could not be done with the one that was successfully upgraded.