Help with 2.4 AP decision.

OK, I’ve got to put some 2.4 on my tower that has 900MHz on it and is maxed out. Are you guys using 2.4 APs that are connectorized or non connectorized as they come from the factory and WHY?

Please help as I need to make this decision fast.

Depends on the tower load you expect. If you don’t expect more than 100 customers I would suggest a 2450 Cyclone AP with the Omni assuming you don’t need links of more than a few miles. We haven’t had luck with long links in 2.4ghz due to the noise floor.

My noise floor on the spectrum analysis was rather low. 2.4 should work great here. They tower in question is centered in the county I am covering and can be seen from nearly anywhere (It seems). It already has over 100 subs on it in the 900 AP so I’m looking to add 2.4 to the tower for additional subs and speed options.

I just wondered if the standard 2.4 AP for Motorola is good or do most use a custom connectorized version. I would guess the standard should give the coverage Moto says it will. Right? 7 MBps out to 5 miles? 14MBps inside 2 miles.

Using a connectorized version/sector antenna will nearly double your range, including the 2x range. If you need some help with it, I can supply more information offlist.

Paul, PDMNet