Help With ePMP Force Radios Using a Script to Change Password & DHCP DNS

Hello All, I need a hand rewriting a script. We had a few ePMP Force SM’s that the installer password was not changed now it was hacked. The SM is in router configuration and had foreign DNS in where its outlined in red. Can I add to this script below to include leaving the DHCP DNS areas blank. I’m struggling to get this written.

Disable All Accounts Except Admin.txt (1.2 KB)

Hi @jbuss,

in the attachment I see a part of CnMaestro template. It is not a script but configuration file in json format.
How to use it:

  1. Download it in CnMaestro from any radio you want to configure.
  2. Remove all lines except the parameter you want to change in Device Props section
  3. Validate json with any free web tool.
  4. Insert it to CnMaestro and apply to desired stations

You can raise a support ticket and our engineer will assist you.

If snmp is enabled you can do BASH one liner to do it via SNMP. But be aware there is a lot of parameters with DNS name in MIB.

Hi @jbuss,
did you manage to complete your task?