Help with extended coverage setup.

OK, maybe I just need sleep and can’t think straight but, I need to set up ang extended coverage hop for a business (construction) client who’s site sits down in a hole. I set a 50’ pole at the top of the hill and can get an electric outlet there. I’m going to have a 900 SM connect to my existing tower from the 50’ pole and on the same pole, connect the SM to a 2.4 AP. Then down the hill have a 2.4 SM provide service to the client.

How do I power the SM and the AP at the top of the 50’ tower? Do i need 2 Power supplies and a switch ?

Here’s my proposed layout. Power is what I’m stuck on?

[–sync cable–]
900 AP---------------900 SM–switch–2.4 AP--------------------2.4 SM–customer cpe?

yes u will need two power supplies and a switch. if you want timing on the 2.4 ap you can run a sync cable from the 900sm to the 2.4 ap. just mount an enclosure at the bottom of the pole and put everything(power supplies and switch) in the enclosure. Cheap good enclosures at

Great! I’ve already been putting it together. Thanks for the reply.