Help With Ideal Config

First time user of Cambium products and hoping I can get community input.

I have the following config planned...

I'm used to having the router placed BEFORE the PTP but in this scenario, the setup is to bring internet to a building with no internet where the source building (where internet is coming into) is NOT part of the same company. They are only leasing space to bring the internet in and using the PTP 550 to bring internet to the remote building about 250M away.

In order to avoid having to deal with double-nat issues, the ISP modem will be configured in bridge mode, essentially bringing the external IP directly to the first PTP 550.

In this scenario, where mouting the router at the source building is not an option, what's my best approach? I won't be able to set IP addresses on the PTP 550s to match the internal network. I can always ask the ISP to provide a standard router for the internet source end but that means double-nat issues.

Anyone have experience with this setup or can make a recommendation where I can maintain management access to the PTP 550s?

Put a switch on the Corp Network end, run the ptp550 into that with management vlan and seperated data vlan for your router, then plug the management vlan into the corp network.