Help with outdiscards!

One of my APs in my 900Mhz AP cluster is getting outdiscards. After only being up 10 minutes it’s got 1300 outdiscards. What’s going on? This has to be why my customers are expecting slow speeds right? There are about 175 total customers on the cluster (27 on this AP). I thought it was a control slot problem so I kept adding more to see if it would go away, I"m up to 5 now. Anyone have any suggestions?

Did you add the control slots only to 1 AP?

You need to make sure that all AP’s in the cluster are configured with the same #Control Slots, same Max Range, and same Downlink Ratio

yes I changed all the APs

I’m not sure how to fix your problem, but Canopy support once told me that more than 3 Control Slots is useless on HW Scheduling.

Possibly a bad cable?

hmmm…both good ideas. I guess I’ll move the control slots back down to 3 and see what kind of difference it makes, but it very well good be a bad cable.