Help with Using LinkPlanner for a PTP non-Line of Sight Configuration

When creating trying view and test out an PTP link, do you have to use two different Network Sites to get them to connect, or can you use two Subscriber Sites to get them to connect? In this one opportunity that I am trying to test out is for a less than a mile, no-line of sight (Since there is trees between the points themselves) and the only way get LinkPlanner to provide results is by creating each location as a Network Site. Can you not use two Subscriber Sites and connect them?

Yes, you need two network sites to make a PtP. You can convert a network site to be a subscriber site and vice versa very easily though:



Take a few minutes to work through the PTP and PMP tutorials at

Network sites can be connected together to create PTP links.

To create a PMP network you can also create hubs at network sites, which in turn, have access points. Access points can then connect to multiple subscriber sites to create PMP links.