:oops: im new to canopy also im in mexico and i want to deploy this technology in my city so i bought an [u:113mrfbt]ap[/u:113mrfbt] and[u:113mrfbt] 2 clients [/u:113mrfbt]but im having problems (connection) do any one of u have a check list of equipment to get or what would u need to get started any special specification or something im misscalculaiting

well thank you for ur answer in advence and good bye :roll:

One of the most common things I see with people new to canopy is that they power it up, point the SM’s at a AP and wonder why it’s not working…

whenever you receive a new AP or BH master you must select a transmit frequency from the configuration page, save those settings, and reboot the AP. By default the AP will not receive or transmit. Check this out first and let me know - if that’s not it I can give a list of stuff to check