hey guys. im a subscriber and i have been experiencing some slowness in my internet. i have a 900mhz canopy advantage module. running 8.2.4 sm-des and the canopyboot version is 1.0 and also a p10 board, i usually have an rssi of 1400+ at all times and my jitter stays under 4 most of the time. my friend has the same kind of internet i do. i looked at his home page on the canopy menu to see what was different of his module compared to mine. and i noticed he has the same 8.2.4 i do but has boot version 3.0 and he gets a vc rate of 90+ and i only get 32. also im a quarter mile closer to the tower than he is. i want to know if my boot version is restricting my packet flow. also can some one tell me what the whole vc rate means? its just my isp isnt very user friendly and i hope i could fix my problem. well ty


Users are not supposed to see/change radios parameters. They are providers property

Yeah - this isn’t really an end user forum. You really should talk with your ISP first before coming here. If they are having some issues, send them this way and we can hopefully help them figure things out.

ok no problem

Brings up something I don’t know though. What is VC?

VC…virtual channel, basically. it’s an internal thing, carries no relevance really - moreso an assignment on the AP.

Gotcha, was wondering since it seemed to be sequential looking at my AP…

I wonder who the OP is using as his ISP. VC of 90+ would indicate a pretty full AP. I’d like to talk to the ISP to see how well things are working with this kind of load…

I’m not the OP’s ISP, but we just upgraded a single radio with an omni that was handling about 105 clients to 4 90 deg sectors. Made a world of difference, and in the process I discovered that we have a previously unknown source of interference in one of the new quadrants.

900MHz, by the way. And the reason we went to 4 90s is that we have a consistent band of moise in the top end of the 924 range. Any questions in particular?

I was under the impression that a 900ap would bog down after 50 or so clients… ... bscription

We were seeing performance problems. Not enough that most client could notice, but a few did. I still don’t know how much of that to attribute to our noise problem discovered after the quad sectors went up…

Pay attention to control slots, we hit a wall at around 80 clients that adjusting control slots fixed.

We had about 78 on our main AP before we had to section it off. We went with 2 180degree sectors (900MHz). Made a pretty big difference.