Helpful ptp 450i snmp oids

Hi All,

I just put up my first pair of ptp 450i radios. Our networking monitoring system uses nagios and we feed snmp data into nagios for our alerting system. My question is the following: are there any USEFUL oids that I should know about for these radios? I’ve used an MIB browser to parse the MIG file, but there are a ton of values to parse through, and none of them seem particularly useful. I read through the files at and there seem to be some useful oids, but I can’t seem to find them on the mib browser. Does anyone have any experience using snmp with these radios and can point me to some useful oids? Thanks!!

Some of these may be useful

Freq [oid(β€œ1.”)]
Sync [oid(β€œ1.”)]
ColorCode [oid(β€œ1.”)]
CH BW [oid(β€œ1.”)]
CPU [oid(β€œ1.”)]
BW Req [oid(β€œ1.”)]
Frame % [oid(β€œ1.”)]
Temp [oid(β€œ1.”)]
Sm Count [oid(β€œ1.”)]