Helpfull little tool

just thought someone could benefit from this like i do. When I do a new install after i get everything tuned and am happy with the link I use Adobe Acrobat to creat a pdf file of the module’s web site. In Adobe you click on create pdf and select from web page. Enter the ip of the module and select the number of levels. On an AP i select 3. If you tell it to do the whole site whatever module is selected in the luid select will get downloaded too. Make sure you log into the module first with the password. A typical AP is about 30 to 40 pages about 400k file size. The hyperlinks on the left side even work.

Why is this helpfull? I have every module on a cd i can look at what the settings were when installed levels that sort of thing. When their is a problem with a module i can compare levels. Or even email the file to tech support or someone else for help. Hint Hint.

If you enable the spectrum analyzer before you download the file you will get a nice little snap shot of the spactrum for later ref.

I am definitly going to try this (maybe right now).

I have one question (and it may be answered when I try), but what do you mean by “the number of levels”?


I like it!


number of levels would be

level 1 main page when you type in the ip address
level 2 selecting LUID select on left side
level 3 would be on luid select page selecting view subscriber module

and so on

do an ap set to level 3 and you will get about 30 to 40 pages if you change it to 6 levels you will get 80 pages. 40 for the ap and 40 for the sm under LUID select. does that make sense.

I made the mistake of selecting entire site one time on several thousand pages later oops.

I thought you might like it.

Yup, played around wtih it last night - very cool, handy. I did the same thing and selected “Entire Site” just for fun… it ran and ran and ran… finally I hit the X to close the window and it told me if I continue it stop gathering data - fine with me… :smiley:

Anyway, very cool tool. Thanks.


This is great. Thanks!