Hey! My PTP 820S 1+1 HSB link won't pass traffic! What's wrong?

It's a copper Ethernet setup.

I just enabled inband management, and it won't pass traffic.

From the PTP 820S Technical Description:

"Line Protection mode can be used for electrical as well as optical GbE ports. Traffic is routed from two GbE ports on an external switch to a GbE port on the active and a GbE port on the standby PTP 820S unit. LACP protocol is used to determine which PTP 820S port is active and which port is standby, and traffic is only forwarded to the active port.

The external switch must support LACP. Only Cisco Swtich is certified for link
protection mode. PTP 820S supports LACP for purposes of line protection only.

I hope this helps!