HEY! When can we expect the 45MB firmware update!

I have a pair of 45MB radios that came with the 5840-06-01 firmware. I cannot connect to these radios via snmp due to a firmware error that Orthogon has fixed in releases 5840-06-03 and 5840-06-04. I have called tech support and appearently I know more about it than they do. I want to know when you guys are going to release the newer firmware versions? Tech support says,“um…dont know, cant find out, you have to just keep checking”. I need this ASAP. I bought these radios because I own Orthogons and LOVE them, but my supplier was out of stock and I thought they were just re-packaged orthogons. HOWEVER, appearently you guys change the code enough that everyone says I have to wait until you release your firmware. NOW why should I EVER buy the MOTOROLA version IF I as a customer can find out more and know more than the tech support because I read the Orthogon firmware release notes? Sorry if I sound frustrated, but I AM :evil:

still waiting… :frowning: