Hi priority, VOIP, and VLANs

Reading through the BAM User Guide I stumbled across this interesting tidbit. It stated that in networks with VLAN tagging, the QoS packets were displaced, meaning the high priority channel is not available when utilizing VLANs. (Section 3.1.1 - QoS - Bandwidth Management p.13, BAMUGi5)

Can anyone confirm this?

Also, does anyone have experience running VIOP over Canopy? Is the high priority channel more or less a requirement for VOIP to run efficiently?

I’ll answer my own question in case others were wondering as well.

With version 7.0 of the canopy software, high priority is supported through the use of 802.1p header information, with that support expanded to include supported for differentiated services to allow greater administrative control over which frames are sent at hi and low priority.

Short answer, ver 7.0 and later, and you can use VLANs and still retain the ability to send high priority traffic.