High CPU usage ePMP 1000, 2000 with GPS Sync

Hey guys!

Some one with the same problem?
100% CPU pike usage, doesn't matter how much throughput or subscribers.
All GPS models are doing this...
Cambium don't answer my e-mails about.


Yes we are seeing the same on our ePMP's, running current Legacy firmware 3.5.6 (not 4.3.2)

Any progress...?

We are seeing the exact same thing running v3.5.6/3.5.2.

Any update yould be appreciated.

Just had an update from Cambium - 

Yes, high CPU utilization graph on cnMaestro is a known bug with us and the software team is working on it. But I want to inform you that it will not impact any issue on the radio performance.

Huh, they said it was only in cnMaestro?  We are seeing this in librenms too (Ignore the 2 switches)

I also saw the CPU get up when there are several connected stations especially on epmp1000gps.

In my opinion, the total capacity of the cell is affected

Guys, disable GPS and CPU goes down...30%-60%
So weird...

We have deployed two ePMP 3000 Ap's running v4.4 and the CPU is sitting between 25&50%. We are not seeing any irregular spikes. Was the issue with firmware or with the device? If firmware can we upgrade ePMP1000/2000 to 4.4 to remove this false report?