High Gain reflectors

Check it out:
http://advancedantennainc.com/cart/inde … h=22_50_48

Planning on ordering a test unit today. I’ll let you know.

Cheers Jerry!

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Can you maybe do a side-by-side performance evaluation of those compared to the Pac wireless (We’ve ordered them from RFLinx) grids? I have always thought the grids were somewhat ‘meh’…

I still am a bit hesitant on using grid reflectors like that though. Maybe you can provide some technical proof? I’d really like to look into using something higher gain than the 27RD on our 5.7 gear.

Yeah, I was not impressed with the PacWireless grids. The 27" was only marginally better than the 27RD.

I just ordered a 32" that is supposed to be 27dB. I plan to test against the 27RD. Even if I get 6dB more gain it’s worth it.

Yeah I have noticed the same thing with that Pac grid. I thought it was a piece-o-junk personally. There is another WISP that uses them for 2.4GHz but 2.4GHz is a different beast than 5.7GHz…

I look forward to your results.

We’ve used a few of these for some 5.7BH20 backhauls. We didn’t try them with the original reflectors first though so we don’t have anything to compare them too. The seem to be working alright so far though.

amd phreak wrote:
There is another WISP that uses them for 2.4GHz but 2.4GHz is a different beast than 5.7GHz.....

This is so suspicions:
All of our Canopy (tm) antennas are designed to work with all Motorola SM's: 2.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.7 GHz.

Did some testing today with a 90cm FTA Satellite Dish: http://satelliteav.com/shop/item/DS-GEO+90CM+BUL

Side by side to the Canopy 27RD I got +3dB increase at the SM and the AP. While it does not seem like much, that’s a little better than double the power. It was worth the effort if for nothing else to validate I am on the right path.

This dish is 39.6dBi at 12.5GHz, so there is a HUGE loss using these dishes as I am basically only getting about 22dB of gain. Hopefully the grid lives up to it’s 27dB promise.


Is the normal canopy internal antenna able to illuminate the whole FTA satellite dish. If it does not, the dish may not provide the maximum gain it could.

I have the 27db dish and yes, it does live up to its advertised gain. It’s been a year now, but when we did the math prior to installing the new 27db dish on our roof to replace the existing standard Canopy reflector, the calculation of the newly achieved received power level at the SM came back exact. It also did wonders for the jitter as we are shooting through trees.

I recommend the product.

Looks like Equinox did they get bought out by Advanced Ant??? I recommend their product…

The medium size pac wireless grids are more useful than the 27RD in situations where the SM can move up to 10 degrees. I have a few of these installed over 100’ in trees and they have stayed linked up through all 4 seasons.

I have several WARM dishes in several sizes in use on our network right now…


Great for that hard to acquire link (distance and interference.)
Work great.


Have had to retrofit every one of them with supports for the wind drag… it is significant on the bigger units, and the mount bracket has had to be re-engineered as it is very flimsy from the box.

Overall performance is great… hardware included is an issue and I have stopped buying them because it is more of a problem than I need for myself or a tech on a work site.

Just my two cents.

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I have been using them for two years and they do work well… The issue is the mounting and the inability to tilt the unit… If you have a straight shot ok otherwise good luck. I have also modified several but it is a pain

Compared the Advanced Antenna WARM-32R to the Canopy 27RD and saw a +7dB increase - I am happy with that.

I am very pleased with the build quality as well, much beefier bracket than the PacWireless.


What was the methodology of testing?

Used the same SM. Looked at the dB level with each.

And what frequencies did you test?




One more question and I’ll leave it… haha

What type of antenna mount were you planning on using to mount the CPE/Antenna to the roofline of the subs house?