High latency between Sms and AP epmp 1000

Hey guys 

i have 3 APs running 10mhz channels. All sms are running high latency anywheres from 40ms to 400ms Bandwidth is good as we have some guys at 20mbps packages which works well. But when they try to use skype there ping is all over the place from 40ms to 120 to 600ms and signals are good and SNR valus. I am running 5ms frame size to utilize the 10mhz channel. Is there anything i can do do lower the latency on my Customer side. 

How many subscribers are hosting the offending APs?

What is the channel guard between the APs?

Are they GPS sync'ed?

Hello tanner,

Can you please attach screenshot of your Monitor - Performance page on AP, or you can send in to me on email - artem.grabenko@cambiumnetworks.com 

Also you can try to use Flexible Downlink/Uplink Ratio. You can fing it on AP GUI unger Configure - Radio - Scheduler.

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Hi. Is this problem solved? We also have issues with ePMP 1000 with sector and Force 200 and 180 SMs. Bandwidth is good but not good for Video / Voice / Gaming. 

Hi Bishisht.  Well, the original poster (Tanner) reported a problem, but never gave any follow up information for anyone to try to help him.  Also, that was 3.5 years ago...  Maybe Tanner figured it out, maybe he gave up, maybe he was struck by a meteroite and there is a smoking crater were Tanner once stood... we shall never know. :) 

I can tell you that 40-400-600 ms latency is not typical - that's is not the way ePMP normally functions. So Tanner must have had some problem with configuration, a problem with interference, problems with using buggy firmware back then - he had some problem, because latency is typically lots lots lower (and if properly configured) latency is much much more stable than that.

So - onward and forward:  Tell us all as much information as you can about your setup.  What AP gear are you using (epmp 1000 I see) and what SM (Force 180/200 I see) and what frequency (I'm guessing 5ghz, since you say Force 180).  Tell us how many clients? attach screen shots of your config screen, what firmware are you using? what signals/modulations/snr are you seeing? What does a Spectrum Analyzer show?  What does the MONITOR -> PERFORMANCE screen on the AP and SM show, particularly for what modulations and packet retransmissions you are seing?

As much details and screen shots as possible, and I'm sure the community will be able to give you some pointers. :)

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