High Latency when many SMs are registered in the same AP

Hi everybody.

We have 6 full Canopy clusters (5.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz) distributed in our city with 300 SMs, in one of then (the bigest) we got abaout 110 SMs conected.

We got problens with high latency and packet loss in the SMs registered to the most populateds APs (about 30 to 40 SMs each), my ping times get up to 100ms, 200ms untill 400ms every time that the trafic is elevated more than 1Mb in this SMs. The total traffic on this APs is about to 3Mb to 6Mb agregated (down+up)

This problem do not occur in the in the less populated APs (about 10 SMs) or others clusters in the same amount of total traffic (3Mb to 6Mb) per AP.

In this scenario we think that the problem is the number of SMs, we are using sw v 9.5 in all radios, all my control slots are set to 1, 50% dowlink data and 10 miles of range.

Do you got any experience in this type of problem or any ideas that can solve it?

Any thing will be very helpfull…


Try adding a control slot or two and see if that helps. The more users and more traffic the more control slots you’ll need. Check the outdiscards on the radio tab under statistics. If they are more than 1% of your total outoctets then you need to add a control slot until the outdiscards are 1% or less of the total outoctets. and be sure to match this on every other ap on the tower and any other ap’s that can “see” that particular tower or else they will be out of sync.