high performance backhauls

hi all recently we started looking for cheaper alternatives to the exspensive motorolla backhauls without sacfricing performance.a friend of mine is working as a sales rep for an asian comapny and he begged me to try some of there products.altho skecpital i decided to try there 5ghz tdma products to see if his claim of 40 megs at 50 kms was true,we bought two of the systems and installed them one on a new 20 meg fiber link and one as a replacement for an old link that needed an upgrade.to say i’m impressed would be an understatement these links are actualy doing 60 megs the max that they will do one of the links is about 7 miles the other is 13 both are doing the total 60 megs.i won’t confess to understand the whys of this stuff but from what i understand its tdma technology with 8 seperate channels based on ofdm we are delivering all 20 megs of the fiber to our remote site with no problems whatsoever.the kicker is the price less than $5000 for the radios.the 23 db integrated panels and the 33 db reflector are both under 400 $ comapreable motorolla products to move that much bandwidth are 2-3 times more money.we are so impressed we are toying with the idea of becoming there north american distributor for this product.if anyone is at all interested in buying and trying one of these links please let me know and i can get you the spec sheets and if you want to try one we can bring it in for you.

Please send the info.