High Priority Channel Bandwidth Question

When we configured a high priority channel on a 450 is the total bandwidth for the high priority channel limited to speed specified and does it count out of the low priority data or burst rates?

Example from the SM shown in attachment is the maximum high priority tagged bandwidth capped at 200? How does this effect the burst and sustained rates? Is the 200 taken from the sustained Uplink rate or is it indepedent (thus giving the customer 2000 uplink low priority and 200 high priority for a total of 2200 in total)?

13.2.1 firmware

Screenshot attached.

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Anyone have any idea?


Yes, the sustained rates and the burst allocations and burst rates include both low and high priority data.

In your attached example I don't see a 200 anywhere, so maybe you meant 2,000? The SM in the example has a Maximum Information Rate and Burst Rate for the uplink at 2,000 kbps. This will include low and high priority data. Since these are set to the same, it is like having no bursting enabled.

Now if the Max Burst Uplink Data Rate was set to 20,000 and the Sustained Data Rate was 2,000 that would allow the SM to get 20 Mbps for the number of bytes entered in the Uplink Burst Allocation. After that is exhausted, it will be throttled down to 2 Mbps. I think it would be best to point you to a white paper written on the subject: PMP 450 MaxBurst MIR


Sorry in this example it was 300.

So in the example photo I posted the customer would see: 2000 sustained upload 10000 sustained download with a burst on the download of 15000 for a maximum of 450,000 kbits (roughly 56 megabytes)

This SM also has a high priority channel of 300 Kbits so in the case of the customer using data should we be issuing a low priority channel bandwidth of 1700? What will the SM do if 2000 kbits of upload is being used at a specific time when a high priority tagged packet comes in? Drop or wait a a non-priority packet?