High Priority Uplink Percentage

What are most of you configuring your Software Scheduled AP’s for High Priority Uplink Percentage? I have a few customers that have been complaining about VOIP not working properly (Choppy). Currently we are set to 75% downlink with NO (Zero) High Priority. I want to offer a quality of service for VOIP without degrading my data services.


This could take all night. LOL. You dont want mutch do you?

What band?

What are the minimum requirements for your data services?

What codec is being used for VOIP?

This particular band is 2.4Ghz. We are selling 512 to 1024 packages on the data side. I believe that he is using G729A. The thing that I am curious about is If I change this on the AP, do I have to change it on the 3 Back haul links that feed this location? I have NO High priority set anywhere on my Network and I have about 600+ customers. I was mainly curious to see what most of you had yours set at and maybe a reason why to set it to that, what performance gains or degredation will I see.


Acording to someone I talked to at moto support, they recommend not to eve use high pri on any software sm’s as it doesnt work right.

Their is a product alert in the Knowledge base that covers 900 and 2.4 with 7.07 in hardware and software mode. I have done alot of testing on this and have finally eliminated the choppyness on the 900 in hardware mode. 7.2.9 added the DiffServ feature whitch really helped. In order to get good quality voice the ATA or VOIP phone must tag the packets from their every interface the packet comes to on its way to the VOIP gateway must have QOS enabled Its an all or none deal. Even the broadband router at the customers house. Most standard broadband routers like Linksys WRT54G or DLink DI604 dont have QOS so if the phone is behind them they wont work properly.

On our VOIP customers I had to make the ATA tag the packets with a DiffServ codepoint, make sure their router has QOS if not put the phone in front of the router, enable DiffServ in every Canopy module between it and the VOIP gateway with the value i selected. Works good.

I do have a site that is running 5.7 software mode that still has choppy voice. the ap and sm are 7.2.9 for the DiffServ feature but the 2 bh links feeding the site are still 7.0.7. The 2 BHM are colocated and are p8 boards so they cannot be updated to 7.2.9 yet. I dont know if the choppy voice is due to the DiffServ not being on on the BH’S or something else.