High reboot count

Just wondering if anyone else is running into radio's with reboot counts nearing the mid to high 70's, and if so what you did to clear the issue up?

There were reboot issues introduced starting with ePMP firmware release 3.3 that causes reboots in Force 200 and 180 radios. Supposedly this was fixed in 3.4.1... but while most reboot issues were fixed, there are some people that are still claiming that some of their radios are still rebooting.

Does this sound like what you're experiencing?


Unfortunaly, I am seeing this with our ap's and alot of inconsistantcy with false dfs hits, constant reboots and all around poor signals.  Not a  great start when we just put up 70 plus ePMP1000s.

What firmware revision are you running on the AP's and clients?

3.3 on sm and ap.

@sherwoodj28 wrote:

3.3 on sm and ap.


Please try to upgrade to 3.4.1 Release .

Thank you.

I upgraded our all our Cambiums to 3.4.1 and I am still getting odd reboots and dfs hits on some of our aps and others are working better.  However I did have a tech down grade a customer to UBNT so the customer wouldnt have so many drops.  Is there a more consistant firmware I should be using?  Should I not be using dfs  channels 20MHz apart or greater (or at all)?  

I think most of us are running 3.2.2 . For us 2.6.1 and 3.2.2 have been the only two firmware releases that didn't have major problems that affected the way we use/configure the radios. Version 3.3 introduced the random reboot problem and while 3.4.1 supposedly fixed it it appears some people are still reporting reboots, just not as bad as before.

 I believe that DFS detection is more complex than just "I see someone on this frequency" I think it actually tries to determine if the rf it sees is actually radar. So I don't believe that using DFS channels on two APs should ever cause a radar hit. We have had no problems so far with false DFS hits on 3.2.2 but that doesn't really mean much.

I'd be surprised if the rebooting was caused by a software bug.  Have you looked for a crashlog after a reboot?  From the CLI type: debug crashlog.  The next thing I'd look at is how you're powering them (switch vs injector) and the cabling.  On the SMs we've had a couple issues with installers yanking on the cables while the units were plugged in, damaging the RJ45 port, wich caused random reboots if the cat5 cable is wiggled (ie by the wind).